Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Can you believe 2010 is pretty much over? It's insane to me. This year has flown by. So today is the eve of the great holiday and it's a whopping 60 degrees here. No complaints for me. It's a pretty day and I love it. I've been pretty lazy this break but I've needed it. Grades came out and I'm satisfied. Next semester is going to be hard, really hard. The start of my pre-reqs for dental hygiene (I need A's). So I will be living at the library during the winter, summer and fall. I'm sure of it. It's been pretty good to hang out with friends and family while I've been home. I've been hanging out with my best friend Audrey, I was actually at her house this morning (she lives 3 doors down). I sure have missed her. We've been doing the norm for us (sushi, movies and drives). I've also caught up with Charles and Kevin, we used to work together a couple summers back, they're fun guys. 

Random rambles: 

I absolutely love the idea of New York City right now. A good goal is to be there for New Years of 2011. 

I really want to find a hot yoga place in Rexburg. 

I'd like to have a hot date come January.

I have a feeling that I am getting some sort of camera tomorrow, probably a point and shoot, because I lost my other one.

I am always torn between long and short hair. Yes, it is evident that guys love long hair. But I haven't had "long" hair in 4 years and the awkward length kills me. So short is always the result. But, I haven't cut it since June so it looks like it's growing for a bit. 

I need a job. Not that I want a job. I secretly believe that I just can't juggle school and a job, which is dumb because people do it all the time.  Oh well, I need one. I'm a big adult.

Not to say that I can be driven by money, but every time I walk into Nordstrom I realize that I want an expensive lifestyle.

I think I'm going to make a blog post about New Years resolutions. I'm actually going to stick to mine this year. 

I love weddings, but that's nothing new. Abi and Luke's wedding was gorgeous, so glad I was able to be apart of it. 

Kevin and I went into RC Willey yesterday and we pretended like we were getting items for "our" house. So fun. 

I currently have my sisters pit bull puppy snuggled up to me on the couch as I write this. He sleeps the majority of the day. 

I want to go back blonde. I will go back blonde. I believe during the beginning on the winter semester aka SOON. 

----enough of this blabber. here's some random pictures from Abi's wedding. It was a good time.

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