Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hi wednesday.

I should be doing the last little bit of work I have of fall semester 2010 but I'm distracted (what's new?). I firmly believe I have add or something, my mom doesn't believe that one bit, but she should really watch her daughter try to do homework. But thankfully I'm distracted with something good, all I want to do right now is run. That's I go in and out of phases where I love the running regime. This semester I have sucked at it, you'd think that Hawaii would've been a good enough motivation...apparently not. Pathetic haley. But it's ok. Today I'm going to go to class, turn in my papers and then meander my way over to the Hart (school gym) and run in celebration of the close of this semester. I believe my motivation is coming from my guilty pleasure- Keeping up with the Kardashians. I'm not even ashamed that I watch that show, I love it. Sure my mind will wander sometimes as to when Kim & Kourtney take New York will begin. So while right now I'm supposed to be writing my last papers for my last two classes I'm busy looking at bangin' women. Tis ok. New Years Resolution #1: Eat healthy and exercise. I'm not too concerned, sure I do love my ever so delicious baked goods but the time is now. So if anyone has any great tips it'd be great. I'm not heavy by any means, just would love that toned look. But hey, who wouldn't? 
I'm already gettin my goods:

Inspiration? Ok..


s y n d e e said...

I just found your blog and I'm lovin it:) we seem really similar! Totally feel ya on the running, doing my first 5K in Feb!

Haley Van Liew said...

Congrats!! I love running 5Ks, not saying I've done a lot but they are really fun! I'm glad you like the blog!