Saturday, August 21, 2010

yes, yes i understand.

yes, i understand that no one reads this blog. but it's more like a journal type thing for me. so have at it. I have 2 weeks till I reunite with my people in the burg. I've been blessed this weekend by having these people come play with me: (ashley & seth, sethley)
 these two are crazy cool. i love them. it's always quite the treat when they come in town.  currently, i'm writing letters to my favorite missionaries. Yes, I've been a slacker. but theses letters will attempt to make up for it. my lovely sisters & elder are:
sister courtney callaway
sister whitney stevens:
 and of course my best for life elder connor morgan:
 next item: I am having an unhealthy obsession with design. serious. I literally just got paid and the first thing I thought was... "I could really use that rug from west elm." whoa whoa. I'm 19, wanting a rug with my money. kinda odd? but this rug. let me tell you. is gorgeous!!
 I know, the first thing you look at is the rug right? it comes in brown, navy and black. I'm in love. it's probably not probable that i'm going to actually purchase this. but i would love to. but the for sure purchase is an adorable duvet cover from west elm. ahh. glory be. I cannot wait to be wrapped up in this during the winter.
 so yes. i'm a tad off on where my priorities are at right now.. since they concern home decor. haha. well real things: this will more than likely be my last semester with my fridays off. since I will be taking my "fun" prerequisites for dental hygiene in the winter. all in all I'm liking life. there are good things ahead and I'm loving it. keep on keepin' on everyone. 

last question...if anyone, anyone at all even reads this: hair? i know it's the thing I change my mind the most on like my major. keep it blonde? or go back the natural way (strawberry blonde/aka red)?  I like blonde...but red is so so so much cheaper. throw in your two cents.

Friday, August 20, 2010

the romantics.

seeing this commercial makes me happy. yes, for other reasons than the fact that adam brody & josh duhamel are in this (but they are the added bonus). i think i'm going to like this movie, let's hope it doesn't fail me. jcrew (store I'd like to own) teamed up with the cast of "The Romantics" and did a photo shoot. It'd be an understatement to say that I like these photos.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010


so yesterday was family day! it's honestly been a while since that had happened, so I had the genius idea of going up to Tahoe for the day. And I'll just tell you... It was gorgeous. lovely. 
 so it was a successful day in tahoe. when I made my way back home I went to my friend Jared Robert's wedding reception. No lie, his wife is a babe and SO nice. I'll just say it- I love marrieds, especially happy newlywed marrieds. Not that I'm mean, but after last night I am definitely working on my niceness. happy blogging to everyone. and the countdown has begun--- 3 weeks till I'm back in REXBURG. never before have I been so excited. oh another random thing... not like this countdown will leave my mind or anything but 3 months till my epic hawaii trip. cannot wait. I hope everyone has a sunshiney summer. because I am..well that is when I am not at work. LOVE LOVE LOVE