Sunday, August 15, 2010


so yesterday was family day! it's honestly been a while since that had happened, so I had the genius idea of going up to Tahoe for the day. And I'll just tell you... It was gorgeous. lovely. 
 so it was a successful day in tahoe. when I made my way back home I went to my friend Jared Robert's wedding reception. No lie, his wife is a babe and SO nice. I'll just say it- I love marrieds, especially happy newlywed marrieds. Not that I'm mean, but after last night I am definitely working on my niceness. happy blogging to everyone. and the countdown has begun--- 3 weeks till I'm back in REXBURG. never before have I been so excited. oh another random thing... not like this countdown will leave my mind or anything but 3 months till my epic hawaii trip. cannot wait. I hope everyone has a sunshiney summer. because I am..well that is when I am not at work. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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