Sunday, September 26, 2010

feeling grateful.


for my FAITH & my FAMILY.

and also  for:
lake days.
my body waking up without an alarm.
reading old journal entries.
having dance parties on the boat.
going to class prepared.
a hot shower.
people, they are brilliant and teach you so much.
hot chocolate on a rainy day.
a made bed.
comfy hoodies with sweats.
cafe rio sweet pork salads.
farmer's markets.
diamond stud earrings.
TOMS shoes.
back rubs.
hugs and kisses.
a good workout.

happy sunday everyone. 
love your life. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

introducing the future:


everyone. this is abigail morgan...soon to be otteson. she is easily one of my best friends. I met her here up at school my first semester. I love her to death and am so excited for her!! Abi and Luke are getting married on December 18,2010 in the Draper temple! I cannot wait. I love her so much!
oh and the ring happens to be gorgeous. (just like our future bride).

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This weekend I got to do something I feel like I didn't have enough of this summer... wake boarding. Abby & Clark were nice enough to invite us on their friend Austin's boat, and even though it was freezing to say the least it was a dream. 

I will just say it was fun, it was also the first time I had been wakeboarding out here in idaho. The music was good, the people were good and it was a warm day. I was going to go to utah for the weekend for Seth's birthday, but homework took over my weekend. Sorry seth! 

Other random things that have been happening:
I got the calling as FHE mom. Should be fun, we're having game night tomorrow. 
I realized that I absolutely love online shopping. I probably shouldn't love it. I normally hate spending money, but I guess when you shop online you don't really see the cash disappear---which isn't a great thing. 
I got this little number yesterday. and I love it. Oh and living with canadians is really turning my on to lululemon. I yearn to own a pair of lululemon pants. It would rock my world. So if my parents like to ever look at my blog heads up! So far I'm liking my classes this semester. Just have to keep up with all the work I am getting, this semester is just loads and loads of busy work. Still on the search for my major, I've changed my mind a billion times. I am thinking that I'd love to minor in photography though, it'd be really fun and useful to have. 
ok. so here we go again. workout haley time. this time for reals. hawaii is in 2 months to the day. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

to kingdom come.

love this

eastern idaho state fair.

That's all folks. 

Friday, September 10, 2010


Sorry this post has no pictures. I've become kinda lame with my whole blogging experience, I hope to get better at this. 
So yesterday was the first day of school. To be honest, it felt nice to come back to school. I wasn't really dreading it or anything. But the one thing I didn't miss about Idaho happened, the cold. I mean I really can't escape it up here, but it did pour rain all the day long yesterday. Kinda insane. My dad and brother Chase brought me up here last weekend. It was nice to have them drive me up here. So I moved in to my new apartment, Brookside. It's nice. I enjoy it. The closet space is divine and my roommates are still amazing. I started my running brigade. I've gots to! Hawaii is in... 2 months. Ahhh I can hardly stand the anticipation. 
I LOVE funny people. For reals, where do these people come from! I love them. I could literally spend all day everyday laughing.

I think it's funny when Karly and I get lost in rigby for a decent hour.

FAFSA is god given. 

Lately, it's hard for me to sleep in? No idea why.

I still want to do a semester in Hawaii.

Quelf? Or whatever it's called is  more than likely one of the funniest games ever. 

band of horses are amazing. along with he is we. 

and skype dates with audrey are still routine. love her.

ok I promise I'll take more pictures!!!