Sunday, September 19, 2010


This weekend I got to do something I feel like I didn't have enough of this summer... wake boarding. Abby & Clark were nice enough to invite us on their friend Austin's boat, and even though it was freezing to say the least it was a dream. 

I will just say it was fun, it was also the first time I had been wakeboarding out here in idaho. The music was good, the people were good and it was a warm day. I was going to go to utah for the weekend for Seth's birthday, but homework took over my weekend. Sorry seth! 

Other random things that have been happening:
I got the calling as FHE mom. Should be fun, we're having game night tomorrow. 
I realized that I absolutely love online shopping. I probably shouldn't love it. I normally hate spending money, but I guess when you shop online you don't really see the cash disappear---which isn't a great thing. 
I got this little number yesterday. and I love it. Oh and living with canadians is really turning my on to lululemon. I yearn to own a pair of lululemon pants. It would rock my world. So if my parents like to ever look at my blog heads up! So far I'm liking my classes this semester. Just have to keep up with all the work I am getting, this semester is just loads and loads of busy work. Still on the search for my major, I've changed my mind a billion times. I am thinking that I'd love to minor in photography though, it'd be really fun and useful to have. 
ok. so here we go again. workout haley time. this time for reals. hawaii is in 2 months to the day. 

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