Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

hi hi hi hi.

wow. it's been forever. I know. but I do have a good reason this time. So a little over three weeks ago my laptop charger decided on its own to just stop working altogether...how rude right? So for the past three weeks I've dealt with ordering a new one AND an extended battery so I don't have to worry about this anymore but naturally, it still hasn't come. Kill me right? Right. The Rexburg Post Office hates me because of all of my phone calls. but hey! what can a girl do without a laptop for 3 weeks in college? Death sentence almost. Actually more annoying. oh well...i'm past this...not really.
Anyway. I don't have pictures on here because one this isn't my computer and two I probably shouldn't upload them onto my roommates computer. Ha. So just to say, I have the best friends up here at school right now. So far this is my favorite semester. Probably not the greatest thing that I am crazy social during the time of my crazy class schedule but it always seems to happen that way right? I hang out with my girls (ali and niff) daily. It would be weird not to see them for a day, which is exactly why that doesn't happen. This past weekend I went down to utah and had a good time. I originally went down there for a nursing school interview. It was good, I did well on an exam they gave me but I didn't love it and for that pretty penny I was about to spend I wanted to LOVE it. But the trip was great because I got to see some wonderful friends from back home and I got to eat some of the most amazing food ever. I mean really, has anyone ever eaten at Tucanos? um, hello? LOVE. and red mango...obviously. currently I left my heart at Red mango on university parkway kill me. I know this post is all writing but hey I felt like writing and the picture thing just isn't working out today. I'm about to go to the library with ali, yes we get together after being 5 hours away from eachother...just to sleep. I still have no idea why i'm not just living with her. anyway.... i'm going to force statistics down my throat till i'm pro, then i'll go take the stats test and then i'll run till my little legs won't run anymore. I've decided I love the gym. Especially here.... it's weird I mean i see all of my friends there...literally. hence why haley goes to the gym, oh and i kinda like working out ha. 
Moral of the story for today: 
Haley is in love with her friends. Seriously. they are the best. 
She has a thing of drinking water through a straw and is currently obsessed with tomato soup.
dude, basically i love my life. what can I say?

now everyone... blog on blog on. because we all I know I blog stalk and it's a great way to pass time. :)