Friday, September 10, 2010


Sorry this post has no pictures. I've become kinda lame with my whole blogging experience, I hope to get better at this. 
So yesterday was the first day of school. To be honest, it felt nice to come back to school. I wasn't really dreading it or anything. But the one thing I didn't miss about Idaho happened, the cold. I mean I really can't escape it up here, but it did pour rain all the day long yesterday. Kinda insane. My dad and brother Chase brought me up here last weekend. It was nice to have them drive me up here. So I moved in to my new apartment, Brookside. It's nice. I enjoy it. The closet space is divine and my roommates are still amazing. I started my running brigade. I've gots to! Hawaii is in... 2 months. Ahhh I can hardly stand the anticipation. 
I LOVE funny people. For reals, where do these people come from! I love them. I could literally spend all day everyday laughing.

I think it's funny when Karly and I get lost in rigby for a decent hour.

FAFSA is god given. 

Lately, it's hard for me to sleep in? No idea why.

I still want to do a semester in Hawaii.

Quelf? Or whatever it's called is  more than likely one of the funniest games ever. 

band of horses are amazing. along with he is we. 

and skype dates with audrey are still routine. love her.

ok I promise I'll take more pictures!!!

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