Tuesday, December 7, 2010

day 2... we know. I'm late.

Round #2. 
9 things I learned about myself this year:

1. I learned that I am so indecisive, but only with my major. I probably changed my major at least 5 times until I got one that stuck.

2. I already mentioned my verbal habits.

3. I am a hopeless romantic. That's right. We're over it. 

4. This year I fell in love with Farmer's Markets. 

5. I didn't exactly learn this... this year but it was definitely reassured. I love sleep. I realize that the college thing to do is to stay up till the wee hours of the morning and then sleeping till late (if there isn't any class). Let's be real here. I cannot stress enough... I love sleep. I definitely had the days this year...while in school falling asleep at 9... or dare I say 8 pm. Ah! 

6. I learned that even though I complain about good ol' Rexburg, Idaho... This is where I need to be at this time. Things are working out here. And I like it. 

7. My mom and I have a better relationship when I don't live at my house. Not that all hell breaks loose when we're together, but our relationship works out better when I'm living on my own, for the both of us. 

8. I learned exercise really does help me get rid of stress. Exercise and sleep (obviously). Not that I'm the fittest girl on the block but when I exercise I just overall feel better. 

9. I learned not to sweat the little things. I used to stress little stuff and after too many of those moments I realized just to let those moments roll by. Cause there are a lot of those moments that are divine and not so yucky. 

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