Saturday, April 30, 2011

random rambles my friends.

hi hi hi. yes I cannot find my camera charger (kill me...wait maybe not).
I've been spending tons of time with my mom lately, which means many trips to redbox, nordstrom rack and getting salads. awesome. who doesn't love that combination?

right now i'm doing my healthy binge again. goal=stick with it. I always seem to do this during the summers (partly because living in California brings on swimsuit season earlier). So in about an hour i'm going for a run... am I looking forward to it right now? not exactly, but i do know that it feels amazing afterwards.

I love a good tan.

Random facts about haley (also known as the author of this blog people):

I only like Romaine lettuce. Don't get me wrong I will eat spinach because it's a tid bit healthier but nothing quite hits the spot like romaine. and yes, lettuce does have a taste.

I hate hate hate hate hate onion. I wish i could stress that enough. I often tell people that i'm allergic to them so I know that I won't be eating them. is that a problem? more than likely.

water is my favorite drink. i would drink that over soda any day.

you can often find me crying like a baby in these two shows: Grey's Anatomy and The Biggest Loser. especially the biggest loser.... gets to the heart. haha.

i don't know how to use an iron. probably some skill i should learn.

i change my major probably once a week.

kids under the age of six are my favorite.

yes. i've noticed this post is kind of lame. but this is what i can manage.
because today is saturday and i'm going to have a good time. want a good laugh? watch this. as many of you know my idol is kelly ripa. i'm a big fan.

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