Thursday, April 21, 2011

welcome to charlotte.

that's the first thing i read when i got off the plane in north carolina. after a long red eye flight with a layover in atlanta i am finally here. since being here i lived in a ghetto motel/extended stay for a night (that was short lived because the united states marshalls were there banging on doors around mine looking for someone). now we moved into these beautiful apartments. ahhh how i love it.
but let me tell you. this job is not glamorous by any means. i know i've been so excited to come out here and have a good time, and i am, but i was not excited for work. terrible, i know. i was excited to be with todd again and to be with some friends. but hey, work has to happen.

so let's remind myself on why i need to work hard and earn money:
-need to pay for numerous things.
-and remember it's only one summer.

i can do this. i just need some motivation. (knocking doors all day trying to sell pest control isn't a dream, i'll tell ya.)
sorry this was a lame post. but when i get my camera charged i will update with some pictures! have an awesome day. blog on people blog on.

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