Friday, April 29, 2011

well let's play catch up.

shall we?
I am in California in my hometown. Yes, I do realize that the last plan that everyone knew about was me moving to the east coast. Well I did that, and it lasted about 3 days. So here I am in sunny california with completely different job and being newly single.
Phew.That's a lot to take in for the past week. But.... I'm doing awesome. I'm making good money and I have the best support system. And we know that I love California summers. Couldn't stay away.

I love my life. I do. I am so happy. But lately the little things in life are giving me so so much joy.
-The sunshine....and warmth.
-Pretty flowers outside.
-Laughing with family.
-Running with a slight breeze outside with my mama.
-some good tunes.

i'll get back in the blog schedule now. just had to move home and such :)

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