Monday, May 30, 2011

what's up what's up what's up.

hello. california is beaaaautiful. just thought I would state that fact for you all.
life has been great lately. I work lots, go to the gym a ton and hang out with the friends that I have here.
and i will just tell you... the future holds amazing things. my fall plans are new and improved and I am so excited. fall 2011 will be memorable and definitely an experience. once everything is for sure i'll let everyone know where I will be! 
the obvious randoms:

lately, i've really been into the "oldies" music. i love me some james brown and stevie wonder.
tomorrow i have a plan to go to the gym three times. i have an issue. oh well.
i move back in with my family next week... finally and oh it feels so good.
i love good hearted people. scratch that... i love all people. 
i've saving my dollars. big accomplishment let me tell you. this next pay check is going straight in the bank and not being touched... that is called dedication my friends.
i purchased my first anthropologie dress this past week (this is before I decided this whole saving deal) and i felt like a class act on sunday.
i now own lipstick. 19 going on 30?
i speak on the phone to niff daily... literally. that's what happens when we are both home and bored.
passion pit pandora station gets me through my day at work.
i'm beginning to think that after my cleanse that i did last week that my body is not loving that i like to eat meat....suck.
i got a new wallet today for the first time in.... 4 years. 
cherries make my summer experience. 
coin star changed my life. 

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