Friday, May 20, 2011


yep that's me. i've been slacking. what's new though? haha i always say i'm going to update this but then I fail... oh well always room for improvement yes? ok. thanks.

so same ol' stuff here. i work all the time (which is nice because i need that paper, haha) and i hang out with my mom and brother a lot. yes, that may make me sound anti social. but fear not! i do hang out with people other than my family....but lately it's been fun to catch up with family. it's been a long while. but they'll get used to me here because i'll be here for a little while!

yes. chase is my brother. one of the twins.

things i've learned lately:
-everything works out...even when it seems like it won't.
-the printer at work hates me.
-prayer works. i promise.

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Carla said...

That's so sweet you and your brother are bffs :) Can't quite say the same for me and mine.

Carla xx.