Tuesday, October 26, 2010

too early.

so I wake up this morning and figure out that there is nothing in me that wants to go to class. I start justifying every reason why it's ok to miss class this morning. but then again it sucks when the only class that has an attendance policy is this one. what is even worse is my ability not to remember how many classes I've missed for this one already. I think i'm in the quota but just to be safe I'll make the trek to the lovely Smith building in the frigid cold. kill me. 

oh and hey ps. remember when i mentioned my best friend is on his mission! well elder connor morgan is doing amazing. and we finally got pictures yesterday!
what a stud huh? I realize that I'm biased because we've been friends since we were infants but I'll tell you he's doing great out there!
ok. so now today is possibly going to be one of the longest days. I have to rewrite the entire books of acts for a new testament project? a little harsh. I think so. But alas, it needs to be done. And somewhere in there I have to go to class, go to devotional, workout and clean my apt/room. life just happened. 

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