Wednesday, October 20, 2010

back to rexburg.

so as some of you know, this weekend I went to Canada, Calgary to be specific. I live with some canadians and they were going home for the weekend so I decided to tag a long because I had a passport. It was a good time. We went shopping... which I spent way too much money, but I'd like to think it's worth it. They showed me places they like to eat up there. It was a really short trip friday-sunday (two ten hour drives), but so fun. man oh man.
ok so this is the only picture I could manage to get up. blogger is being kinda lame right now. 
but something way cool happened when I was in Calgary. On sunday before we left we decided to go to a sacrament before hitting the road so we went to stacey's home single's ward. While I was there I ran into my friend Zach Zufelt. He's serving his mission in Calgary right now, and I had no idea that he would be there at that ward. Zach and I have been pretty good friends for years, we grew up together so it was so cool seeing him. 
as for what's new with me in my life. let's see. still going to school here in Rexburg. It's been unusually warm up here, but I have no complaints! Oh and by warm I mean 60s, but I did hear it is going to snow next week. Let's hope not! I'm avoiding the snow like the black plague. But let's be real here, I reside in Idaho. Well less that a month and I'll be in sunny Hawaii with Alex, Cameron and Carter. I am so excited to see them. Alex and I were inseparable this summer. I saw him pretty much everyday. And then we both went our own ways, so I'm excited to go play in Hawaii for 8 days. Should be amazing. I've heard it beautiful! Oh and I can work on a tan in November. I like that.  Oh Abi (my best friend from college) is supposed to be coming up here this weekend, I really hope so. If not then the next time I will see her is for her wedding in December...and that would mean that I wouldn't have seen her for 7 months before the wedding. craziness. Back to school. I'm not loving it...but who loves school? Right now I'm in route to getting my associates in July. So yes, that means I will be in rexburg for the spring semester (april-july). 3 semesters in a row will suck, but i'll still have that next fall and winter, so I guess that makes it 5 in a row. Ridiculous. Oh well. I'm getting my associates just in case I decide to transfer or anything. I'd love to do a semester in Hawaii. I just feel like getting my associates is the thing to do because I don't have a "set" major so I better be working towards something! 
Another thing: I'm craving a trip to San Diego. I do realize that a trip isn't possible until Christmas break. Maybe Audrey will want to go down, we'll see. Something that has been bugging me lately, the treadmill at my apartment complex is broken. Well it works in a sense. Yesterday I went running on it, and sped it up to 6 miles an hour, which is a decent run for me...and I was walking. So I had to put it up to 10 miles an hour for me to be actually running, so because the mph is off then the distance was off. Slightly depressing when you look at the distance and it says you've been going for many many miles and in reality you have not. ok enough rambling. 
blog on. 

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