Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the Mind of Haley.

I am... in desperate need of the SUN. I love the sunshine, I'm not used to hardly ever seeing it. haha. I have... the best friends ever, they crack me up on a daily basis and I can come to them everything. I love.. my life, so so much. I run... at the gym. Being here in Idaho means I can't run outside without dying, haha so I've come to love the treadmill. I can't... wait for some summer loving. I finished...figuring out my major yesterday! That is a big accomplishment for me actually, I've changed so many times. I'm proud. Ha. I think... that laughing is my favorite thing. Not true, because I have so many favorite things. I am... becoming an awesome cook with Abi. You have no idea, we made bourbon chicken the other day. SO good. Don't worry, not actual bourbon. Just call me up and you'll have a meal! I made... a random girl smile today when I was walking to class. Made me happy. I finally...realized it's time to clean my room. I need... CHAPSTICK. I cherish.. music. it rules my life. and I honestly have no problem with that. I had... a fun time last night with abi and andrew. that conversation was so fun, and we were in the library discussing life. Love it. I think.. I LOVE meeting new people... think is not right.. I know i love meeting new people.

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