Friday, January 15, 2010

Cross That Off.

One thing that I had never done, but always wanted to... was learning how to snowboard. I finally ended up getting my ticket for night boarding at Kelly's Canyon and I rented the whole getup, so on Wednesday I made it up there. There was a bunny hill there and then some bigger one there. I went with some friends who do this all the time, so I was forced to go on the bigger one. Remember, I had never ever been on a snowboard in my life. Fortunately, I survived. And with any luck I made it down the last run without a fall. I'm not saying I didn't fall during the night... because I ate it hard a good amount. But, all in all I loved it. I do want to go again. Not sure when, but soon would be nice. Here's some picture's Abi took to document the night, this is before (you'll be able to tell). Yes, I'm well aware I look like a poser, but having a picture of this was needed. ha. Oh, I forgot to mention, because of my shortness.. I had to use a kid board. Good day, and happy blogging.

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