Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010.

2009 has sure been quite the ride, for me personally I've had a ton of changes happen.
In 2009, I:
Graduated from High School
I got my first job (Sunsplash)
I became an official adult
I moved away from home
I started college
And I met the most wonderful people.
I've love my life this past year, even with all of its ups and downs I could not be happier. I learned alot this past year about myself and about life. But since there are always things I can work on, I have high hopes for 2010. The other day my mom, sister and I made a goal list for the year. Here are some of mine....
1. Attend the temple once a week...every week.
2. Go to every one of my classes.
3. Weigh my license weight :
4. Hit the gym a ton.
5. Save some cash money.
6. No soda.
7. Don't procrastinate.
Those are just a few of the items on my goal list for this year. Like I said, I have high hopes for 2010. I know it'll be good and I'm ready as ever to take on the new year. Happy New Year everyone!

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