Wednesday, June 15, 2011


  • sometimes i fail to shave my legs for days on end.
  • sometimes i wonder what the soundtrack to my life would be.
  • sometimes i throw in the old NOW cds and sing to my hearts content, not worrying about the old man who stared at me while at the traffic light.
  • sometimes i can't shut up. sometimes i'm really shy.
  • sometimes i just want to go swimming, with goggles of course.
  • sometimes i change my major 15 times a day, wait. that's reality. 


paige brunt said...

i have problems keeping my legs shaven too..... i just.... forget! and don't you love the old NOW that's what i call music?

Haley Van Liew said...

so glad to hear that i'm not the only one with that problem! and oh my yes. they are so 1999 but it's just glorious to bust those tunes through my car with the windows down.