Monday, June 13, 2011

for i am thankful for so many things today.

-for the greatest friends known to man. but seriously, i've got some gems.
-the fact that niff still answers my phone calls everyday without fail. it's called being at home and being way too bored.

-for the sunset drives i have with aud. we look at eachother when we're definitely not done singing out rendition of adele's "someone like you" and keep driving past our turn home...sure maybe she hit a bunny on the way. oops.
-monday night bachelorette with regulars.
-sundays...oh i cannot explain how much i adore sundays. bliss for sure.
-laying out feeling the sun on my skin while having that slight breeze.
-ingrid michaelson...oh you make my heart melt.
-sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep.
-prayer. seriously gets me through all of my days.
-right now i'm just grateful for life. life is good. oh so good.

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bcreynolds said...

Dear Haley.
I'm in love with you.
I hope you're doing well without me, because I really miss you.
I am on my mission you set me up for, and SO EXCITED YOU'LL BE IN PROVO!!! Seriously.

Loves, Christie