Monday, March 28, 2011

i like it.

i like that naps are easily one of my favorite past time.
i like that i change my mind probably 5 times a day.
i like that i blog to no readers. i'm awesome.
i like that i stepped on the scale and wanted to shoot myself.
i like that i enjoy reading.
i like that when i get sleepy i get crazy loopy. poor todd.
i like that i blog stalk instead of going to the gym... maybe i don't like that as much.
i like that i'm so addicted to some tv shows (greys, etc.) that when I talk about them, I refer to them by their first names. yeah we're tight like that.
i like that my boyfriend cringes if I even think about putting justin bieber on in the car. kill me.
i like that i've seen the justin bieber movie THREE times. that's right folks, i like his stuff.
i like that half of my closet has something with stripes.
i like that my boyfriend hates facebook officialness and all that entails.
i like that i ran the other day and almost died. it's called being out of shape people asthma even kicked in.
i like that right when i get home i change to my sweats....does that make me sound homely?
i like that life can be flipped in the opposite direction so fast.
i like that general conference is this weekend!
i like that Christine (my other mom) is coming to visit on friday.

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Carla said...

Haley I love you blog! And in particular this post, I couldn't agree with you more sister, especially about the tv shows and referring to first names (my bad for forgetting I don't even know these people!) And don't worry, I feel like I'm going to die after just running up the stairs!
Your newest follower,
Carla xx.