Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bring on summer.

hi. life is speeding up lately. you see, I'm moving out of Rexburg in 3 weeks. First week of April and I'm out. I get to go home for about 2 weeks to catch up with family and spend some time with them. Then I fly out to Baltimore for the whole summer. So exciting but so crazy. First off, I've never really had a summer away from home. Last summer was my first summer while "in college" and I came home for the entire 5 months. It was awesome, but as for now I need be be a grown up and make some money. Thankfully I'll be with some fun people this summer and I'll be in a beautiful place!
As for school? Life is complicated with school. This is my last semester attending BYU-Idaho. I made this decision fairly recently when I realized that I am not exactly working towards a degree out here. I know what I want to do....and honestly, dental hygiene is not possible out in the middle of nowhere idaho. Don't get me wrong I have loved my time here but my schooling can't really continue out here. So I'm going to be working this summer and possibly in the fall. But come winter I am going to go to dental hygiene school. I've been looking into a program in Arizona. So we'll see.

Life as of now has been bliss. And it's funny because I don't really do much, I go to class (with the occasional skip) and hang out with Todd and my friends. Which is awesome because I have the BEST friends & boyfriend a girl could ask for....but seriously. That's another thing that is exciting.... Todd is going to Baltimore this summer too. Yep. Lucky me right? I know. We both get to make money and play. Should be a grand ol' time. I mean really. Check out this stud.

yep. he's a gem. as for all of you. have a wonderful day. take a listen to some beautifulness and keep on keepin' on.

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