Saturday, January 8, 2011

miss reid is back in town.

for an extremely short amount of time. So tonight was everyone's first weekend back in the good ol' burg. and what did we do? well we went to sammy's (where everyone and their mom and child were there). Niff (jenn) had never been there so we figured it was necessary. it was packed, we danced and were engulfed by crowds. oh well we obviously lived. and it was a good time. after this whole she-bang we went to some friend's of ours apartment and continued the good times. 

Me, Niff (jenn) and Sarah (miss reid mentioned above)
My favorite picture of steve....ever.
My boots. Apparently I'm Andy's toy. (um hello? toy story?)
and here is andy.

good night. hope everyone loved their friday night. 

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