Monday, January 16, 2012

yooo hoooo.

random thoughts of late:

i love church, oh so much.
i recently jumped on the iphone train---love it.
i really want to be a runner. well, that also means i need to start to love running. any ideas?
this winter here in idaho has been really mild. no complaining here.
i've been living next to my espn app on my phone. obsessed.
i did my first paid haircut on a guest a little bit ago and it went a little like this:
me- "hi!! so what would you like today?"
girl- "i'm not exactly sure but i know i want a few inches off."    (mind you- her hair is past her shoulders)
me- "alright perfect. here let me shhhhoooow(cut off)"
girl- "actually i really want your haircut."
me- "ummmmm.... you want a pixie?"
girl- "definitely."

at this moment i walked over to one of my learning leaders and almost freaked. i didn't think this girl actually thought i cut my own hair. i ended up cutting the pixie and it was awesome. satisfying to all heck. let's just say anyone who wants a pixie. i'm down. so fun. 

for school i was santa and gave the new core babies their kits. happy kitmas everyone.

love running into friends at the good old taco bell. 

oh yeah. reminder. in case you didn't know--- i'm 5'0 tall. hence here i am rolling a perm standing on a booster seat so i can see. awesome. oh and yeah i do have red hair again. hair school will do that to you. but in all reality i'm a natural red head so this isn't too bad of an upkeep. :)

and last but not least. I was asked to help my friend kayce by being in her photo shoot. Josh from Innov8 took the pictures and I have to say that they turned out awesome. I'm such an awkward model i feel so this picture was more than likely taken on accident. but all in all it worked out.  and contrary to popular belief i am not naked in this photo... haha not one bit. 


A FANCY DAY said...

You look stunning! Love that you were Santa I wish I could have seen that.

Abigail said...

ah i miss you. you are the best.