Tuesday, November 15, 2011

photo overload.

why yes these are all off of my phone, thank you for asking.

well here is the little things in my life....found with my phone.  when i first moved into this cozy shack that i currently live in i realized that i needed some inspirational words for me to live in this room (which comes complete with the frigid wind coming through my window). so as you see, there above in my inspiration board of sorts.

and then there is invisible children. a charity that helps rescue children soldiers from the LRA in northen uganda. check them out here.

I have the best friends ever. On my first day of Paul Mitchell, Molly & Skidz (ryan) went and bought me flowers and left me a note for me to find when I got home from school. Sweetest people ever, of course.

Oh, you see that heater there? Yes. that is literally the only reason i'm probably living. As i mentioned before my room feels like the artic if this isn't constantly on in my room. If anyone would be to stand in front of my window they would feel a constant breeze from the outside. That's called quality living my friends.

Oh hey, that's me wearing my new lipstick. Ruby Woo from Mac. I've been meaning to get a gorgeous matte red lipstick. So I decided on passing up the grocery store because I wanted to be fancy and frankly i just wanted some mail---but who doesn't? I love it. Makes everything more classy. Also, that is my favorite word...classy.

Last picture: Sums up my life. to a tee. 

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