Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy days.

it's been a bit. i'm come to realize i suck at this whole blogging thing...but i'm not willing to let go--naturally. 

I've been in rexburg almost a month now. So far i've managed to snag a job (not an ideal jobs but it pays) and I can safely say I love my roommates this semester.  We all bring something else to the table it's great. Really, I don't think i've laughed so much lately. Which is a great thing. 

today i feel like writing. i just feel like getting things out in word. lately i've had a lot of realizations. i feel like i'm growing up. i'm not caring about a lot of the things i used to. ok ok yes i'll agree that i still can be materialistic because first, i'm a girl and second i like to get new things (so what if i mail myself stuff that is gift wrapped?). but i mean i've been focusing a lot more on the important stuff---- like friends and family and how they help us through this thing we call life. one of my closest friends is currently serving a mission for the church. having her gone reminds me of things she used to bring to the table. she is a good example for life i'd say. she doesn't get caught up in drama and she knows whats truly important. i've come to realize that at school we have a lot of "fake" friends. now bear with me because no one wants to admit to this but sadly it's true. think about it. how many so-called friends do we have that we will see eachother at parties and all of a sudden we're best friends. we know nothing of their personal life but we "love" them because they are so cute or so nice (which is not a bad all.) but then the semester comes to a close and some of us go home some of us stay---but now think of the people you actually keep in contact with during those breaks. i believe that those are the people who we really care about in our lives. we want to know what is going on with them. we care. we make the actual effort. don't get me wrong we can always have the excuse of, "oh I was busy, sorry I didn't call." Yes, this can be a valid excuse but all in all if we want to make the effort, we do. 

I was talking with my friend logan and we were talking about all of the drama that goes on in this tiny town we live in. who cares about drama really? that's the thought i've always had...figuring that no one cares. but i've come to see that that statement is pretty false---so many people thrive off of it. and they forget the meaning of college life. other than getting an education here i am a huge fan of making lasting relationships here.  here in rexburg i have met some of the coolest people ever. sure it's not like i have a million close friends and i wouldn't want it that way. friends get us through life. really they do. who do we call when things go wrong? when we want to vent? when we have awesome news? when we just want to talk? and who do we always want to do things with? our friends. yes, i know our family is also in those....but i see so many of my friends like family. as we've all heard, "friends are family we choose for ourselves." 

mainly, i love my life. i love people. i love love. it all comes down to that. all of us need love in our lives. whether it's within family, friends or a romantic relationship. we all as people yearn for these things. and when you feel truly loved and when you have people in our life that mean the world to you--it's like hitting the jackpot. and i can honestly say i have done just that. i have the best friends. ever. the kind of friends if i need anything they are there. always. so treasure those relationships because it gives me a sense of ultimate happiness. 

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