Thursday, July 7, 2011

quick trip.

this past weekend was the long awaited break from everything here in california. i hopped in a car and drove all through the night to end up in provo, utah. good ol' happy valley. it was a short lived time there but definitely well spent. i got to see my other half alexander morgan---always a good time.

we also discovered that i have a million freckles...but hey what's new. (don't mind the smeared eye liner...classy i know.

then i got to see my old roommate sarah and spend time with her and her family. i barely took any pictures of being there with them at their condo, but again---good times.

then the long awaited rexburg, id. 
a big reason of why i needed to go was to see abi. abi and i have been friends for the past two years and now she is all grown up, married & such which means she has to leave the college town and move elsewhere (texas, no worries---i will visit). ps. abi & luke's dog sperry is a total babe.
i also hung out with some more regulars---nick, ryan, megan and such. picture overload...ready.go.

i'll be back soon enough. 

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