Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Haley here.
Here's to another birthday, since this is my 19th one and all. And I'm going to enjoy it. No HUGE plans,  but just enough. I'm going to lunch with my best, Audrey. Because I haven't seen her in 2 weeks because that lucky girl has been in greece. I'm debating where we'll go to lunch, probably sushi. I've realized I don't update my blog as much as I'd like... but that's changing!so new news: I got a job at the state again (thankfully). with a raise too, knew they loved me. haha. so with having this job, i'm required to work until august 30th, which means I'm now planning on going back to the sexburg around september 3rd. shall be a glorious time. another, which is the best news I believe, but only possible because of the job. I AM GOING TO HAWAII for thanksgiving. Fall time is going to be epic. Alex, Cameron, Carter and Crystal will be living in hawaii so it works out perfectly. other than the fact i'm dying to go there. i'm loving life. looking on the upside with everything this summer. so cheers to july 27th, brought my life some 19 years ago, and i'm still kickin. loves. blog on.

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