Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I wish... that i lived closer to the ocean, I'd take opening my front door to the beach any day. I heart... men with style. Abi says I like "california" style. She is probably right. Give me a man with a cotton tee/flannel and some lace up vans. Yum. I ran... into the pool today and boy I'll tell ya it felt nice. I want... to go to Santa Cruz. any one? I cleaned... the pool today. Normally Audrey does it, but she's in Yosemite so I had to manage some how. I manage... to walk through forever 21 and urban outfitters without purchasing one item. That my folks is called accomplishment. I am... obsessed with summertime. seriously though.  I made... myself journal and read last night. I read a whole chapter, not just a verse. This sounds like it shouldn't really be a problem but I was exhausted last night. I'm proud.  I saw... a girl running outside today when I was driving. In the heat. You go girl.  I can't... say toy boat ten times fast. honestly. try it. ready go. I shall... be a tan lady this summer. maybe with a little help. eh.

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