Monday, March 8, 2010


Last thing you ate: some almonds. they were pretty decent.

Last thing you said: "yeah." to audrey on skype.

Last thing you bought: I bought lunch in slc this weekend.

Favorite place to buy shoes: i love my vans, but I like to find good stuff at nordstrom rack.

Biggest Fear: public speaking, but i'm attempting to get over that fear.

Favorite dressing: normally I'd say Caesar, but right now balsamic vinaigrette sounds delicious.

Something that bothers you: when people don't say "please" or "thank you."

Favorite cereal: cinnamon toast crunch. the taste you can see!

Bad Habit: I procrastinate too much. Normally I plan to do what I'm supposed to, but then something fun comes along. I need to get that in order.

Favorite Place: san diego, california. and of course home.

Favorite beverage: water.

If you could change something what would it be: I would probably change the economy around so the poverty rate would not be as high. And I'd make sure everyone has clean water in the world.

be invisible or fly:

Something that makes you laugh: audrey. or in general funny people, I love to laugh, so I like to surround myself with the funnies.  

ps. my pictures won't upload for some reason for this weekend. I'll try again tomorrow. 
-audrey. do this survey. k thanks!!

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